Building Tails

"Building Tail 房子尾尾" was a collaborative project with famous lyricist CHOW Yiu-fai presented by orleanlai project in 2015. 

Project Statement

One day, a tail makes up its mind to explore the city, in search of its body. Searching here and there, finally, it finds its eyes, ears, skin, nerves...and even its womb. Walk inside, and, alas, it’s a building!
Everything has a tail, just like every building has its tales.
See you, the tale-telling tail.
Building Tails ushers audiences to experience the body of a building, to look for its tails and tales in texts, images, sounds, installations, through every keyhole on the doors and every crack in the walls.
有一天,有條尾巴決定跑到城市裡,尋找它的身體,千迴百轉,終於終於,找到了眼,耳,皮膚,神經… ,甚至子宮,走進去,竟然就是一棟房子?

Bye bye 你條尾。再會,娓娓動聽。

6 - 22.3.2015
Comix Home Base (3/F-4/F) 
動漫基地 (3/F-4/F)

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