Comics @ Central (2012)

A redesign of the exterior marquee of Central Market in Hong Kong in 2012. Three comics artists including Lee Wai-chun, Lee Chi-ching and Wong Chiu-tat (justin) are invited to create illustrations for the design of the exterior marquee. 

Project website:

Presented and organised:
The Urban Renewel Authority
Public Art Hong Kong

Description from artist

Whenever I think of Central, the same scene always comes to my mind: It’s around three to four o’clock in the afternoon with air filled with dust; the glaring sun is still blazes onto Queen’s Road Central. All the office workers are busy hustling between old and modern buildings. Even when the clock approaches six, the city shows no sign of halting. Yet, not far from Queen’s Road Central, elderly are dozing off in their traditional shops, withdrawing themselves from the hassle on the streets... 

This is exactly the scene that inspired my creation for the Central Market. I always hoped that everyone in Central, from CEOs in IFC to old hawkers on the Ladder Street, can take a moment off their work and simply enjoy a nap… Maybe it only could last for a short five minute, yet the city would be all charged up to its exuberant power. City dwellers usually think desperately to go on luxury travels to get out of their stagnant lives, but one could have also imagined a short nap could liberate the mind. Through the work The Central’s Nap, I intend to bring audience my expectation on the Central Market - that is, we do not need luxury decorations nor advanced technology. On the contrary, what people need is only space, maybe a bench would be more than enough for us to relax our bodies and daydream delightfully.