4D x Comics

《4D x Comics 四圍望/漫漫畫》Invitation Exhibition of The Art of CUHK 2014

Project Statement

As an independent type of visual arts, comics has its own artistic language system and narrative techniques. Hong Kong local comics creation also has its tradition. Different from America and Japan, Hong Kong comics has a unique style from its strong connection with the local culture. This year, the invitational exhibition takes comics as its topic. We will invite four local comics artists, including Wong Chiu Tat, Chihoi, Kongkee and Little Thunder. 

Wong Chiu Tat gets himself involved social and political issues by his simple but straight forward compositions. However, his works are full of tender feelings when describing his daily life with his young son, and he also keeps trying to break through the general narrative patterns of comics; Chihoi expresses his silent thoughts of city life through the plain figures; Kongkee’s sense of humor reveals a lot in his comics, he uses lively strokes to present vivid and adorable animals as well as serious and profound themes; As for Little Thunder, she expresses her fantastical imagination by colorful and exquisite strokes, with her contemporary feminine senses, she infuses her works with popular culture, or with extremely personal meditations of herself. By showing works of these four artists, Fine Arts Department sees it as an opportunity to discuss the relationship between fine arts and comics and to present more possibilities of comics in mobile cultural and social contexts of Hong Kong. The environment and details of the artists’ studios will also be presented in the exhibition space as a mean to broaden public thoughts and imagination of fine arts and comics which are two seemingly different areas.


Participating artists:
Justin Wong, Chihoi Lee, Kongkee, Little Thunder

Exhibition venue:
Hui Gallery, New Asia College, CUHK

Exhibition Date:
31 May, 2014

Project website: