Difficult Life Station

The work "Difficult Life Station", consisted of an interactive kiosk located in the lobby of the Revenue Building, and a large sticker work posted outside of the building, was created for the Art @ Government Buildings in 2011.

Artist Statement:

Regardless of your background, life is never easy.

"Difficult Life Station" does not intend to provide solutions to the problems in life. Rather, in a humorous and ironic way, it aims to provide a platform for white-collar employees who work around the clock in an office to contemplate life or even create a new one. The work of art arouses their interest in their surroundings as well as their observation and imagination about the subtle aspects of their lives, so that they can get away from their routine and become more creative. In addition to the free Wi-Fi network available in the government premises, we have provided an alternative network that at the same time reveals the delicate relationships among people and reflects our imagination about our surroundings.

Life is not easy, but we can always find pleasure in it. The question "How are you today?" does not necessarily lead to the model answer "I am fine", but rather encourages people to reflect on the challenges of life.

Presented by:
Home Affairs Bureau of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Organised by:
Leisure and Cultural Services Department Art Promotion Office
Artistic Collaborators:
Hong Kong Arts Centre and Public Art Hong Kong
Supported by:
Government Property Agency
Revenue Tower, Wan Chai
Project website: