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Object-Oriented Objects (2013 version)

Two sets of work, Difficult Life Station and Object-Obriented Objects were exhibited in the Hong Kong Eye @Artistree in 2013. 

About Object-Oriented Objects

Reviewing the surrealist artists’ interpretation on everyday life objects and the play-oriented ‘game box’ created by Fluxus artists, I found myself being persistently obsessed to little objects that were hidden in my daily life. If I conduct a photo documentation and scrutinize them under the computer screen, they are no longer ‘ordinary’. If I put them together, a dialogue will commence. ‘Object-Oriented Sequences’ is a taxonomy I adopted to juxtapose different and similar things together objectively. Venturing to explore the relationship and transformation among these items, I attempt to borrow the familiar/unfamiliar classification scheme and examining them under various scopes. It is, I believe, a small revolution to free the objects from its predefined territory. My hope is that, from this simple array I could re-examine the system that we have accustomed to sort things out.

To create this work, I spent a whole day tidying up my messy room and yet realized I was indeed very ‘OOO’.

重看超現實主義藝術家對日常生活物件的演譯及激浪派藝術玩味甚重的遊戲盒 (game box),發現自己其實一直對隱藏於日常生活中的「小物件」也有著相當程度的迷戀。總覺得若把「小物件」從生活的情景中抽出來,拍個照後在電腦屏幕下檢視,它就變成另一種不再「日常」的東西;若把不同的物件放在一起,他們就會開始對話,甚或起舞。OOS只是一種把不同小物件客觀地排列出來的方式。我嘗試借用一些我們慣用及非慣用的分類方法去檢視在不同的領域底下,物件之間會產生怎麼樣的關係與演化。對我來說,這是一場把小物件從既有被認知的範疇下解放出來的小革命,也嘗試從這些簡單的排列中,去反思一直以來,我們究竟是用什麼系統去看待生活。



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2013.05.01 Wed    - 2013.05.31

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