Comics Workshop in
Wong Kam Fai Secondary School

Artist in Residence program in Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary School.

4-panel comics created by students with the graphics provided by the artist.

Project Idea and Statement

School is always a special place for art to happen. It is a place for learning but it is also a place for production. It is a place emphasizing discipline but it also embraces creativity and diversity. It is a place where hundreds of people from various backgrounds gather to talk and interact with each other every day. It is a place where they can share how their day begins, the toothache they are suffering, the gossip they have heard and their views over the government etc.

They talk, they listen, they create. That is how story begins.

This projects aims to encourage students to become a storyteller. It starts with the experience of exploring the campus and imagining the connection between people and the space. With the introduction of various visual art forms such as comics, collage and illustration, students are equipped with the tools to transform fragmented ideas into visual expression. The installation of letterbox to collect “rumors” and “stories” from other students allows our imagination to grow and extend our creativities. Through the process, they have started to learn how to manipulate small ideas and apply the “free association” method to develop them into a concrete story.  When selected “stories / rumors” are displayed on the LED screen located in the atrium, all students are invited to think about the authenticity of the message. It is a valuable process where students have to learn how to make judgement through the gathering of evidence and perhaps discussion with other people before they decide to believe the message or not .

The project does not look for very high quality artwork at the end. It is an experiment that tries to arouse our curiosity through doubt and invite us to re-think what is the truth behind the messages we receive every day. Story has such a power to change our perception towards the world and once we become a good storyteller, perhaps we can start to change the world.

I am glad to have such chance to work with the students and teachers here and I am delight to see them starting to tell story through 4-panel comics. I truly hope that they can continue to make the school the best place for art.

Project Poster

Project Poster