Superb Meaningless Invention Exhibition


Interactive work "Xbox" was created for the exhibition "Superb Meaningless Invention Exhibition" (Artists in Neighbourhood) in 2012.

Work Description
X-box is a fortune-telling machine. A lucky number and some “Words of Wisdom” will be generated as a result of a series of mechanical motions inside the box triggered by a computer programme once the visitors approach the work. It aims to highlight the mystical process of how “luck” works in our daily life in a funny way. Although visitors will never know how these results are generated, the mechanical sounds produced during the process will provoke their thoughts about the relationships among the issues of “chance”, “events” and “objectives” etc.

X-box 是一台算命機,每當觀眾走近,電腦程式便會啟動,觸動盒內連串機械運作,最後產生一個幸運號碼或「金句」。這機器旨為以幽默的方式,顯示在我們日常生活中「走運」的神秘過程。雖然參觀者永不知道這些結果是如何得來的,但過程中發出的機械運作聲驅使他們思考「機會」、「事實」與「目標」之間的關係。


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The Leisure and Cultural Services Department
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The Art Promotion Office
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